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Our other activities

Trash City Entertainment is only one part of our life - it's the hub, if you want, but there are also many other sites which we operate. These include our business, our charitable endeavor, the original magazine site - and a couple that we run, purely for the heck of it! Below, you can read all about these...

Trash City Beads

Trash City Beads is a mail order, wholesale discount beads and bead stringing supplies warehouse, selling all shapes and sizes: Rounds, Chips, Ovals, Lentils, Teardrops, Hearts, Stars, Crystals, Seed Beads, Faceted Stones, Cat's Eye Beads, Glass Beads, Stringing Supplies... We offer the lowest prices anywhere, friendly service, and fast shipping all over the world.

Trash City Magazine

The seed from which all this grew, Trash City magazine, continues to grow and expand online. Now in its tenth year, it receives more than a thousand visitors per day. There, Jim reviews the latest films to cross our DVD player (almost 1,700 titles covered so far) and also writes about any other aspects of life that amuse - or irritate! - him. Not recommended for children, as if the pic on the left wasn't a clue!

AZ SnakePit
An Arizona Diamondbacks Blog

We love the Arizona Diamondbacks, and have followed them since Jim's first visit to Phoenix when what would become the park was just a hole in the ground. We have partial season-tickets, and back in 2003, Jim started a blog so he could vent his opinions, thereby saving Chris from having them inflicted on her. Loudly. Repeatedly. And at great length. :-) That blog has now become AZ SnakePit, one of the most enduring sites of its kind.

Phoenix FearCon V
Phoenix Fear Film Festival and Convention

Since 2006, we have been running a film festival dedicated to bringing the best of cinematic horror to Arizona fans. It has grown each time, and is now the biggest independent horror event in the state. We've had US premieres, world premieres and special guests, and are intent on keeping it growing.
July 2011 Press Release: 
Phoenix FearCON V Horror Film Festival Seeking Sponsors and Partners; Phoenix FearCON Officially Announces its Call for Entries

Girls With Guns
Home of the Action Heroine

This started off as a joke; Jim's liking for kick-ass heroines (think Ripley in Aliens) having been an ongoing topic of debate between him and Chris for years. She bought him the domain name as a gift, and it now contains reviews, interviews and articles on that theme, written since Feb. 2003. The pics of Chris dressed as Xena, Warrior Princess for Jim's birthday party one year have, sadly, not yet been posted...

This fledgling venture is the charitable arm of TC. Its aim is to let children attend events they'd normally never get to see. We work with promotion companies, sponsors, venues and shows to get tickets we can offer to family-focused organizations, enabling families to enjoy quality time outside the home without worrying about the cost.

Chris's mother, Carmen, is a veritable mine of information on all topics, particularly (if bizarrely for a Cuban) the British Royal Family. On Chris's one-time radio-show, The Latina Loca, Carmen's thoughts on Camilla's involvement in the death of the Princess of Wales were a highlight. We've collected some of her audio columns here, and will add more, on other subjects, when we get a chance. The picture is deliberately blurry, because she's scared the British Secret Service will put out a hit on her. No, really...